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Follow these links to see and hear PmB samples - Pictures, Audio, and Video - you must have an appropriate player to view these files (Windows Media player will work in most cases) . Check back here often for more samples - we have been busy in the studio, and will be posting all of the latest material soon - stay tuned!


The video files are presented in two versions (both Windows streaming media files). The "256k" version is roughly 1/2 the size of the "512k" version, and will download and stream faster on slower connections. If you have a broadband connection, try the 512k version.

Tacoma Park Station - 256k Video

Tacoma Park Station - 512k Video



"The Many Designs"

The latest PmB effort, The Many Designs. Available Now.


"How Things Are"

Our previous disk (never fully released) that is currently undergoing a "face-lift" musically for re-release. Available soon.

"Standards Revisited"

A fun project completed quite a few years ago - Our take on a few Standards (and then some). Available by special request only.



Just a compilation of some cool extra stuff that hasn't made it onto a disk - yet.......



Some pics from a recent gig at Tacoma Park Station. This was a "battle of the bands" kind of thing, was really fun, and we got a pretty nice DVD out of it to boot.